Weekend in Paris placement print

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Hello! You might remember this inky and slightly sulky lady from an Instagram post way back. I follow the Today’s Inspiration page on Facebook, a page dedicated to illustration pre-1975 and there are always the most amazing book covers being posted. I especially love the pulp fiction covers; overly dramatic, salacious and brightly coloured, designed to lure you in.



I took a screen-shot of this cover as she reminded me so much of my picture! I love the rough paintwork, the ink spats, the shabby cardboard background. Unfortunately despite much surfing of the web I cannot find the artist, which is a shame as I’d love to see more work.

Illustration is about telling a story so I thought I’d take my mardy girl and imagine a situation for her. For some reason she ended up in Paris for the weekend.


I wanted some text so cracked out the brush pen and did some hand lettering to start.


Original brush pen sketch of cards – apparently this flush is called a ‘Valentine’ but I know bugger all about poker so that could well be rubbish. I like the sentiment though and it fits with my story.


Original brush pen sketch for champagne toast.


Paris Story, ink drawing with digital colour


And here is the finished piece! I gave her a hand for added emotional expression. Happy or sad? You decide. She’s now in my Redbubble store so should you feel like having her on a cushion or t-shirt now’s your chance. Click HERE!





Thank you for reading! It’s Friday, the sun is shining and I’m listening to Aretha Franklin and a gospel choir. A good start to the weekend I’d say!




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