I’m working on an ongoing series of paintings inspired by old photo booth images. Besides the standard passport or ID photo who are we posing for in a photo booth? Who were you thinking of when you’ve taken pictures of yourself? How did you want to come across? Do you have a standard face or pose? Did you take three serious ones and one stupid one like I always did? These are all questions I’m asking myself as I create these pieces. Very much like vintage clothes these images have had one life already and now it up to us to imagine what that was. And now that selfies are everywhere and easy to delete and retake on your phone these images are all the more poignant and intriguing.

These images are gouache paintings inspired by old photo booth pictures found online. Once I’ve found a picture I like I imagine the backstory of this person and recreate the image with this narrative in mind. I’m interested in exploring the image we present to the world, through our clothing, expressions and general demeanour. The photo booth image is a tiny snapshot into this area of our psyche.