Portfolio Practice: ‘Giant’ for Illustration Friday

Giant, digital illustration


I love Illustration Friday, a fun little brief that gets set every week and anyone can take part. This week’s topic was ‘Giant’ so here is the bowtie to end all bowties and an enormous pair of shades. It’s a look!



It started with this brush pen sketch which I then took into Photoshop for digital fiddling. It’s interesting to see what gets ditched along the way, in this case it’s eyes and hair definition. She also went from being blonde to super-ginger to co-ordinate with her purple bow, which also got blown up to more extreme proportions. The polka dots add to the girly vibes of the palette while her glasses and slightly sullen expression tone the piece down. And look! I moved away from my thick black outline and used colour instead. I love the softened effect.




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