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Bunny Girls, via Vogue.com


A while ago I was experimenting with repeat patterns and wanted to come up with a novelty or conversational print with a bit of sass. I found the above image whilst looking for inspiration and decided to create a print based on the things you might find in a bunny girl’s dressing room. Now I have a bit of a love/ hate relationship with the whole bunny girl thing, the reality really wasn’t that glamorous, I’m ambivalent about Hugh Hefner and those corsets look like hell to wear. We’re in an age where we’re starting to look back and reconsider a lot of what went before with fresh eyes. However the imagery is so striking, familiar and recalls a particular age of glamour that I was suckered in by the whole vintage fabulousness of it all. Maybe I shouldn’t overthink this one too much.



This was my original sketchbook idea page, jotting down ideas for the individual icons in the pattern.



From those I made a selection, drew and inked them.

Initially the shoes were occupied but I decided to make them look like they’d been kicked off after a night at work.

I’d recently downloaded all Kyle T. Webster’s brushes for Photoshop so tried out the watercolour ones for colouring the sketches, I’m seriously impressed! My watercolour technique in real life needs some work and these brushes give a really convincing finish.


I muted the colours for a more pastel, feminine palette across all the elements of the pattern.

Bunny ears OF COURSE

Charlotte Tilbury lipstick. I love the rose gold coloured packaging, so luxurious.

Masquerade mask, which I know isn’t strictly part of the Bunny Girl costume, but I thought it was a nice piece to include, especially with the ribbons.

And finally a hand mirror to refer to the dressing table and dressing room. Put it all together, tile it, repeat and TA DAHHH…




…and you get the final repeat! Oh my god it took ages of fiddling to get it to flow nicely. There must be a formula to this which I’m determined to crack!







So here it is on products which you can buy NOW in my Redbubble store! Click here to take a look at all the different items that feature the print. Which is your favourite?








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