Make Art That Sells Bootcamp: Suffragette Editorial Illustration.

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This month’s assignment began with this Mini, draw Victorian ladies’ hats. Once again I only managed to do a rough sketch of the pics I researched. To be honest I find it hard to get excited about the mini’s, I just want to dive right in!



The main assignment was to draw an assigned Suffragette in a style for editorial illustration. Again we were given a person based on our birthday month – I really like this as it takes the decision process out of my hands AND challenges me to do something I would never think of or have a natural affinity for. I was assigned the African American Suffragette Sojourner Truth, who to my shame I’d never heard of. I set off on a particular path with this – just a straightforward watercolour portrait – and at the 11th hour decided I hated it and scrapped the whole thing. I found an entirely different photo of Sojourner that had much more visual interest and scrapped the watercolour. This was the result:



I’ve never drawn or painted a black person. How bad is that?! And if it wasn’t for this assignment I don’t know when I would have done. Eyes opened for sure.

I recently downloaded the entire Kyle’s Brushes packs for Photoshop and have had my eye on the Halftones and Screentones brushes, so tried them out for the first time here. I love them! I think subconsciously the brief for editorial made me think newsprint, letraset sheets and halftones. Will definitely be using this style again. The lettering in the background and foreground were from a page of scribbles where I was just loosening up with my new ink brush pen and mulling over Sojourner’s most famous speech ‘Ain’t I a Woman?’. I love that they made it into the final piece.

See the entire gallery of work submitted for this assignment here.


Editorial Mock-Up


Damn I love a mock-up!! I jigged it around a bit in the end and moved the lettering so the whole image was visible. With this assignment I have felt my process really speeding up, probably a combination of getting more confident with a particular style and knowing how to work quickly in Photoshop to get what I want. Exactly what I wanted from MATS!


Already we are into April and we have just been assigned our Mini. See you back here soon for what I come up with 🙂





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