Make Art That Sells Bootcamp – Tassiomancy Notebook Cover Design

Hello! A little catch up on what I’ve been working on for the Make Art That Sells Bootcamp course. Which I’m loving BTW! If you are considering signing up I would say do it, being assigned work is great for opening your mind and you get to work alongside hundreds of other people which I have found very inspiring and encouraging. Especially as the level of talent is extremely high for what is essentially a mass open course with no entry requirements.

Our February project reflects the Gift market; design a journal cover with the theme of ‘Reading Tea Leaves’. I’m a big fan of esoteric and occult imagery so was looking forward to this.


Warm-up sketches for the Mini assignment, ‘Tea’.





Warm-up ideas for tea and what it means to me.




Brainstorming ideas and research ideas for reading the tea leaves.



Researching who might read your tea leaves and starting to form ideas.



Layout roughs.


I knew I wanted to include this image as I’m totally obsessed with it. It’s from the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic in Boscastle, North Devon, UK which I have yet to visit. It’s a House Protection charm made by a Devon witch. I’m from Devon and this kind of folky magic and witchery is what makes me love my home county so much. The label reads, “This protection charm was made by Levannah Morgan, a Devon witch. The hand held in the ‘HALT’ position clearly indicates that unwelcome guests may not pass, yet the red heart implies that visitors with a warm and open heart are welcome”. It’s creepy and wonderful at the same time, the hand-stitched kid leather and wonky heart, and I love the mental image of Mother Morgan opening the door to any guests with her hand held aloft. I’m also a complete sucker for a folk-inspired heart motif.





With all these bits and pieces in place I sketched out and painted the below image, including other motifs traditionally identified in the tea leaves. The eye and the triangle is of course from the American dollar bill and is the all-seeing Eye of Providence.

Original Artwork, gouache and ink



I wanted the finished piece to look like a sign you’d find hanging outside a palmist’s shop, slightly weather-beaten and worn away so I added a bit of texture in Photoshop. I also added the watercolour background to give it some visual appeal as a book cover, and I also wanted the warm colours to give a positive feeling – your future is looking good!


Digitally finished artwork


I love these mock-ups! A little taster of how my work would look in the real world!


Journal Mock-Up


I thought I was being so original with my ‘seeing’ tea cup but this motif popped up many times in different peoples work! To be honest it’s not the most original idea in the world but I love the meaning behind the symbols I used. Perhaps if I hadn’t moved house in the middle of this assignment I might have had time to think out of the box a bit! See the whole gallery of work for the month here,¬†some very impressive work in there as always.







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