Portfolio Practise – Black Tulip

I share illustrator Rene Gruau’s love of the thick black line; I was admonished for my thick black line by my art teacher but I’ve stubbornly stuck with it all these years. Hours spent copying comic book artists – Jamie Hewlett’s Tank Girl specifically -mean that the line is very hard to let go of. It holds everything in place! Gruau’s work is elegant yet fun and captures a sense of movement that gets more and more astounding the more you look at his pictures. The skill that goes into his line is not to be underestimated.

I found this picture and was captured by the dark drop shadow that gives the impression of a bright flash bulb or stage lights:

Rene Gruau



So I chucked a big shadow into today’s flower picture, giving this tulip the impression it’s being interrogated. And I experimented with colouring my thick black line to create a bit more interest…



Again, rough and ready but it’s more practice. And we all know what that makes…



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