ABSPD – Mark Making from Photographs

For this exercise we picked our favourite image from the Photographing Shapes exercise and created a series of sketches, marks and scribbles based on what we could see. I chose this picture of a neighbours beautiful orange chrysanthemum. What an insanely beautiful flower! It’s like a Maths lesson in there, incredible.


I have to say, initially I hated this exercise. But all that really says to me is that I am so out of practise when it comes to sketching that I’m fighting myself, plus I find it very hard to work in a messy way or even loosely. I’m also very impatient and want the finished thing there and then. In the end though I found that doing the repetitive exercises really helped when I came to draw the whole flower, which I had to do as I couldn’t help but make a neat line drawing of it after all that crappy scribbling!



We had to choose little areas and repeat them over and over – these are the curling petals. I found the more i drew the same non-descript shape the more abstract it became, which I suppose is the point!



Finding a pattern in the repeating shape



Taking a small area and drawing it large and simplistically



Using different media; this is brush and Indian Ink. I actually really like these!


Looking at the shape as a whole and using different media – felt tip of varying thickness, mechanical pencil and brush and ink. I like these too and think I’ll use some of these for the digital project.

Then finally a nice neat pen and ink drawing because I had to feel that order and balance had been restored 🙂 So in the end this was another interesting exercise, I’ll just have to work on getting over myself and my fear of sketchy disorder!




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