ABSPD – Live in Colour




Now we’re talking, I loved this week! I’m not shy when it comes to colour but it’s been very interesting learning what colour I like where, and colour combinations that I enjoy and am drawn to.



The exercises involve looking your wardrobe to find favourite outfits and colour combinations to wear, creating a 3D colour palette from items in our homes and trying to establish our own language when it comes to colour.


Lots of rich jewel tones, fuchsia pink and rich mustard yellow. Delicious. Oh and leopard print. Always.



We were also given tools to create our own colour palettes  from our own and collected images using the Pantone phone app, Photoshop and Illustrator.


Marrakech doorway

Minton Tiles

Sketch Restaurant, London

Bunting and Spots, Brighton




Explosions of colour in where else but Paperchase (my happy place)


All in all a great week, I discovered paint chips (managed to snaffle pretty much every colour from B&Q) and the Pantone postcard box set, plus took time to admire my own wardrobe. Marvellous!



Pattern research next, yippee!







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