ABSPD – Deconstructing Patterns

This was a great exercise; finding patterns we love and deconstructing their individual elements or motifs. I loved finding the repeat in the more complex patterns and identifying what it was that drew me to each one. During this process I made the surprise(ish) discovery that I’m really drawn to florals. As in big, bossy outrageous floral prints, especially vintage 60s and 70s ones (see my Pinterest board here!). I’ve got a collection of vintage sheets that I use for sewing and am always on the look out for demented vintage textiles, but I’ve never even considered drawing flowers or anything remotely nature-based, I always end up working mostly figuratively. Which is really weird as I don’t shy away from floral prints in clothing or other surface design I buy, so if I get nothing else from this course it’s at least opened up a whole new area of illustration for me!


So very fittingly this is the first print I took a close look at, a 60s to 70s vinyl wallpaper print.


1960’s/ 70s vinyl wallpaper


The thing I love about this print, and what I think makes it stand out, is the use of those vertical stems and the negative white space. It gives the florals breathing room and creates a gentle diagonal rhythmic effect.


Sketch book notes about the pattern



More notes and colour swatches


Next up was this art print, which doesn’t show a repetitive pattern as such but I love the techniques used and colour palette.


Eloise Renouf – Colour Block No 1, giclee print


I love the mid-century influence and the clash of those yellow and ochre shades with the pink. Mouthwatering!



Finally is this floral black and white repeat pattern. It’s a vector image and I love the clean lines and monochromatic colour scheme. It comes in two versions, with the black fill and just the line drawing. Whilst deconstructing this pattern I found it was made up of relatively few elements considering how busy it is. The artist has cleverly mirrored and rotated some of the drawings to fill out the pattern.


Vector Floral by 123RF.com



This was a really interesting exercise that has encouraged me to look to nature for more inspiration. I’m definitely going to attempt some bold floral repeats of my own and it’s so true, once you start working with pattern you see it everywhere! I’ve got a huge collection of photographs already that I hope to turn into some interesting images.








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