Portfolio Practise – Flowers

Happy New Year dear readers! So I recently took Dylan Mierzwinski’s Illustrating Flowers and Arranging Bouquets In Photoshop class on Skillshare and, as well as learning more about how she creates her gorgeous style, it was invaluable for learning how to illustrate in Photoshop efficiently and non-destructively. I’ve finally learnt what Quick Mask Mode is and how to colour in a way that leads to fast editing. Hooray! On the back of this class and learning that I really enjoyed drawing florals during last years ABSPD classes I’ve set a little challenge to draw more flower pictures. These don’t have to be perfect finished illustrations but more like exercises, trying to improve technique and muscle memory. And also to tackle that fear of the blank page that always strikes and conquer that awful gut feeling ‘this is SH*T’ that always descends about a quarter of the way through every single piece of work.

Here are the first few drawings I did before Xmas. I’ve just upgraded my computer and my scanner no longer works with it  – GRRRRRR WHYYYYY IS THERE NO DRIVER?! – so excuse the crap scans/ photos!


Long Stem, pen on paper





Stocks, pen on paper, drawn from life


Ugly, spiky weed thing that you always end up sitting on – pen on paper



Next the original drawings for my Skillshare class, much looser in style. I’m aiming for a bit more of a mid-century, sketchy feel with these.


Ranunculus, peony and a big poppy/ daisy thing!



Tulip, hyacinth and billy button



And here’s the final drawing using the techniques from Dylan’s class. Again this is pretty rough and unrefined, and more about exploring the process than producing a perfect piece of work.



Mustard and hot pink, one of my favourite colour combos. Combined with the dark blue-grey they really pop.

My aim this year is to really home in on my style then use this focus to create a viable, sellable body of work. So far I know I love a strong black line, bold colours, a mid-century almost cartoonish feel, and fun repeating patterns that tell a little story.




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